Echelon + Race Day

Like the Echelon Race Day Skin Suit, the Echelon + Race Day is a complete suit with jersey and bibshort incorporated in one piece, but, with the introduction of different fabrics more technic and technologically advanced, which allows a greater performance on the bike.

The choice of fabrics is judicious in order to follow the “Second Skin Concept”, centering the perfect fit into the pure performance direction.

The sleeves of the Echelon + Skin Suit are from the Aero Concept, which, throughout the rifling, ensure the aerodimamism and flexibility indispensable to the most demanding cyclist. The lateral panels at the top of the Suit are made from an open mesh guaranteeing the ventilation and cooling necessaries under effort.

The used pad is produced by the prestigious Elastic Interface, with three different density foams and an Ultra category for a mix use, MTB and Road, during long time periods, until 7 hours of duration. Read more about Elastic Interface.

The Echelon + has two back pockets. The sleeves has a silicon band to increse stability. As for the legs, the stability is ensured by micro silicon dots in all its area.

If you were already a fan of the first Skin Suit, this one will not let you down.

Technical Details

  • Aero Concept: Fabric used in the sleeves which, due to its rifling, gives the aerodinamism and perfect fit, as an exceptional flexibility. Fabric used in World Tour.
  • Mesh Lycra: Lycra sewed in a special way providing high elasticity and cooling.

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