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If you’re already a fan of the Hurricane shorts, I’m sure you won’t be indifferent to the pants

Basic looking pants designed for speed, comfort and performance. Let yourself be surprised!

Hexagonal Lycra: Lycra with two different textures. The completely smooth exterior, the interior with a hexagonal pattern that contains thermal capabilities, such as maintaining body temperature even at lower temperatures. At the same time, its hexagon-shaped pattern is perfect for dispersing sweat.

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Totally black, made of the peculiar Hexagonal Lycra (placed in a curious way, joined with overlock seams) and without any silicone finish.

The hexagonal lycra used has a completely banal exterior appearance and a completely different textured hexagonal pattern on the interior. Final product, pants made to last, with very curious thermal capacities, which, in a way, allows for “all year” use, with incredible elasticity and comfort and a soft touch.

As the Hurricane Pants are a Race Fit model, their construction, the curious placement of the fabric panels in specific places through overlock seams, aims at pure aerodynamics, a perfect, undisturbed air flow for superior performance.

Dolomiti is kept in the ram. This ensures the perfect balance between density and breathability. This sheepskin is of three perforated densities.

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Bib Hurricane

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