Endurance Shorts +


Comfort & Resistance!

Made to last, to pedal, to resist, to give you hours of comfort on the bike. Made for war!

Hot lycra: Lycra undergoes a calendering process – compression at high temperature – resulting in reduced fabric pore and fiber crushing. ”Cold Black” treatment.
Waterdrop Mesh fabric: Fabric is composed of two layers, a smooth bottom, and a perforated top. This soft fabric, used in specific areas, ensures the necessary elasticity in the desired area, making for an incredibly comfortable fit.
Prismatic Mesh: Prism-shaped, lightweight, highly breathable mesh with a soft feel. Dries quickly.
Overlock seams: Type of seam used to reinforce the union of two fabrics, ensuring even greater comfort.

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The Endurance+ shorts are the aesthetic copy of the Endurance model, being the fabric that gives the “twist” to this model. The “Hot Lycra” applied in an elegant cut and design, Waterdrop Mesh fabric, overlock seams, and a Dolomiti pad make this short the most comfortable and resistant short in the entire Vedette Cycling collection! A real winner!

The lycra used, in its natural state as it is known, is subjected to a calendering process, where it is compressed at a high temperature, resulting in a reduction in the pore of the fabric and crushing of the fibers. The result is a highly abrasion-resistant and waterproof fabric that remains extremely comfortable and fit – 2nd Skin Concept.

The streamlined cut evolves with each overlock seam with each fabric panel placed, ensuring comfort with every pedal stroke. A silicone micro-dot band on both legs ensures stability on the move.

Like its brother “Endurance”, the “Waterdrop Mesh” fabric is used in the abdominal/pelvic area for a super comfortable fit, and the “Prismatic Mesh” on the back for better breathability, less sweat retention, as well as the use of two small reflective stripes, on both legs, on the back of the shorts. The straps used are elastic with a super soft touch that will look like you’re not wearing them.

With comfort being the keyword, the Endurance+ model also uses a Dolomiti Pads pad, which ensures the perfect balance between density and breathability, with three different densities, perforated.

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Endurance Shorts +

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