Gravelion Gilet


The Gravel Experience – The Gilet!

At Vedette Cycling, each piece of clothing is thought of as a “specialization”.

Ultralight Wind Membrane: Highly lightweight fabric, with a very soft touch, which, due to its consistent square shape pattern, has greater resistance, especially when wind.
Microdot Mesh: Micro perforated fabric mesh that helps with breathability and dries quickly.

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The collection “The Gravel Experience” reflects exactly that, here you can find shorts adapted to gravel, a more suitable jersey and a vest! The second layer that you should use in your daily life.

Despite not having sleeves, the fabric membrane used on the front of the Gravellion Vest is prepared to cut the wind and, in this way, ensures that there is no cooling of the torso and, consequently, helps to maintain body temperature. The “Ultralight Wind Membrane” (as the name implies) is super light and so you won’t even feel like you’re wearing it, however, you’ll feel that it will make all the difference in your comfort.

To ensure breathability, the fabric used on the back is made of a light, soft and micro-perforated mesh. So not only are you “breathing” but you are quickly drying the sweat accumulated in the fabric.

To ensure the stability of the worn vest (and so that it does not “balloon” when you are cycling) both the seam and the reinforcement of the armholes and waist are made from a low-elastic fabric, reinforced by two seams. This one has the perfect elasticity not to stretch and to be stable. The clasp is double slider and has a VDT handle.

A vest in shades of green, to make you feel camouflaged with nature.


Gravelion Gilet

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