Gravellion shorts


The Gravel Experience with “rebel” cycling shorts!!

Strapless cycling shorts? It’s almost like going on a trail with a bike without suspension!
We answer affirmatively to the question above and strongly agree with the exclamation point. One word, GRAVEL!
Gravellion are your alternative choice, as well as that gravel road you haven’t had the courage to do yet.

Black Lycra: Non-sublimation Lycra that maintains the balance between compression and comfort.
Hot lycra: Lycra subjected to a calendering process – compression at high temperature – resulting in the reduction of the fabric pore and fiber crushing, resulting in a fabric with water-repellent properties and more resistant to abrasion. It also has the ”Cold Black” treatment.
Overlock seams: Type of seam used to reinforce the union of two fabrics, ensuring even greater comfort.

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The gravel experience is alternative, it is an act of rebellion against the road and technical trails. Vedette Cycling responds to this rebelliousness by designing gravel shorts, that is, without straps but with a padding. Ditch the racing fit and embrace the comfort fit.

Designed in a “genial” way, the Gravellion Shorts are two shorts in one. A first short made of Lycra, tighter that maintains the balance between compression and comfort, where the cycling pad is sewn, here too all the seams are overlocked; A second short, the one we see with the naked eye, made of “Hot Lycra”, and therefore with water-repellent properties and more resistant to abrasions. Both parts are then joined to a super comfortable elastic, 5 cm wide, through two double seams.

If you think that the Gravellion is a warmer pair of shorts because it has two pieces in one, you’re wrong. In the areas where you sweat the most – waist – the fabric used is lighter and perforated to help disperse sweat.

As previously mentioned, these shorts have a pad sewn inside, mainly because comfort on top of a saddle must always be guaranteed by a pad of quality. At Vedette Cycling we are very careful when it comes to your comfort and that is why the pad used is from Dolomiti Pads, which ensures the perfect balance between density and breathability. This one is three-density and perforated.

Pockets, yes or no? Yes! If you have your typical cycling shorts, why shouldn’t you have the Gravellion? Two pockets, one on each side, on the front of the shorts.

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Gravellion shorts

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