Jacket Storm Ultra Light Short Sleeve


Prepared for any weather!

The Storm Ultra Light Jacket by Vedette Cycling is a short-sleeved jacket with extraordinary lightness and properties that make it the best choice for windy, cold and rainy days.

Storm: A high-tech, elastic fabric with water-repellent, windproof, breathable and abrasion-resistant properties.

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With the use of STORM fabric, this “gabba” not only cuts the wind, but is also water-repellent, maintaining aerodynamics, maintaining body temperature, and of course, comfort.

This piece contains an addition of fabric on the back in order to extend the protection in the lumbar area, when you are pedaling and, it also has three pockets with a reflective strip for greater visibility.

On the front of the jacket, there are two zippers, one on the left side and one on the right side that, when opened, will help in the thermoregulation of the body, this being its only purpose, cooling the body in the effort.

Band and silicone on the front only, elastic seams on the back to ensure the stability of the “tail”.

Why a short-sleeved coat for bad weather?

The key is in thermoregulation. When the arms are fully covered, the body temperature is higher. By having the arms uncovered, the whole body self-regulates the temperature.

However, this model is also available in long sleeves.

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Jacket Storm Ultra Light Short Sleeve

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