Jersey Gravellion


Welcome to the Gravel Experience!

It’s not about the race, it’s about the route, the journey and the company – the Gravel, a way of being in life. And of course, Vedette Cycling will accompany you on this trip, to make it the most comfortable and unforgettable ever!

Denser Lycra: A denser, stronger and more durable Lycra.

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Gravelion Jersey is ready for any terrain and occasion. Constructed with just one fabric – Denser Lycra – Gravelion is the symbol of comfort in all its simplicity. The fact that it is all in the same fabric, the percentage of elastane and polyester used make this jersey one of the most resistant and comfortable, for a more intense use.

Without any type of silicone, the Gravellion is an “old school cycling”, which is why a double seam is used to slightly secure the arms and an elastic band at the waist so that it does not rise when pedaling. Three back pockets along the entire lower back, filling the jersey completely. The middle pocket has a fourth zipped pocket ideal for putting your cell phone and keys, so you don’t miss anything when you’re full of adrenaline “enjoying” that dirt road.

Neutral, with just one shade to blend in with the surrounding environment and your journey.


Jersey Gravellion

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