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Protected Information

The content of this website is protected with copyrights. It isn’t authorized the permanent copy, in it’s all of part of it, in any way or content of this website nor the link copy for this website or others, without the previous written consent of the Vedette Cycling. It is, one and only, authorized the access and download of this webpage content for a temporary time, exclusively for a better visualization.

The user isn’t authorized to transmite, publish, modify, sell or use any form of information, including images, contained in this website.

Data Protection

Vedette Cycling is comited to protect the privacy of the users of this website according to the therms of the Global Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). The navigation through the present website doesn’t necessary implies the supply of personal data. Yet,Vedette Cycling provides a Contact Form. The filling of the Contact form implies the providing of personal data, which will integrate our legal database for the data treatment. By filling the form the holder will give consent of use of his data, independently of withdrawing it anytime..

On the therms of the GDPR, the data holder will also have the right to the portability and access of his personal data.

For any questions regarding the data treatment, please, contact us at:

Av. Padre Nabeto, Lote 2-M
2950-113 Palmela

T. (+351) 215 904 506
M. (+351) 919 382 520

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